What is this Birth Fathers study about?

There is little known about the feelings and experiences of Australian birth fathers regarding the adoption and adoption process of their child/children.

Birth fathers currently experiencing such events are likely to have undergone a court ordered removal of their child or children to care, followed by adoption, rather than mothers and fathers relinquishing children voluntarily. Relinquishment of a child may be profoundly painful to birthparents and cause lifelong hurt and suffering.

Past adoption practices continue to affect the daily lives of many people. The process of reunion between birth parents and adoptees (their now adult children) and the degree to which reunion is experienced positively or negatively are significant issues for many birth fathers.

From these identified issues, it is evident that there is a need for better information, counselling and support for those affected by past adoption practices.                                            

This study of Birth Fathers of Adopted Children is being conducted at the University of New South Wales.